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Remington M700 25-06 Rifle For Sale

I have for sale the perfect coyote and deer rifle!  It is a very nice 25-06 Remington Model 700 professionally pillar bedded in a McMillan M40 Marine Corps fiberglass sniper stock with about 225 rounds on it.  The trigger has been tuned for a crisp break at 18 ounces and has a Pachmayr butt pad installed.  The scope is an “El Paso” K6 Weaver.  The rifle and scope are 1970s vintage, when they were of better quality and had a much better bluing!  They have spent most of their life in the safe, so it’s hard to tell the condition from new!  $1200

Reloading equipment and supplies (brass, bullets, primers and powder) available!

Live west of Brookville

316 706 1600